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Online Boating Solution!!
Boat Centre!
Boat Centre - Established in 1998 , was borne with the passion of boating and fishing by the owner and CEO Shandon Hawman.
Early on with the introduction of online technology and the advancing internet services, Boat Centre soon evolved and entred in, creating the first South African online boating website. Boat Centre soon was became and was renowned as - Your No 1 Online boating solution.

Speacialising in fishing boats, but offering the local market a full variety of vessels from the pleasure boats to high end luxury yachts.

Boat Centre soon extended their services and exported boats to countries across their borders - Zimbabwe , Nambia, Zambia, Swaziland and Botswana. Now operating internationally with the same service excellence that we first started with.

Dealing with numerous manufacturers and being involved in boat design and projects over many years, we have learnt and know the various hulls, history and origin of many vessels built both within our borders and abroad.

We have an extensive knowledge and history of every bass boat specifically ever built in South Africa, hence the birth of our sister company , a website designed for the beginner to the professional bass angler.

Our mission is to continue offering and exposing quality boats and services to all our customers both locally and internationally. Synergizing with top dealers and private individuals to offer the best possible boats available. We will also endauvour grow our equipment and accessory range for every need via our e-commerce store.

Always offering and the best possible service and experience in selling or buying your dream boat. Let our professional staff and sales agents assist you today.